Trainers Warehouse Getting to Know You Thumball 6″ | Conversation Starter, Ice Breaker, Team Building Game for The Office in Any Setting | 32 Prompt Panels

Price: $76.45 - $36.50
(as of Oct 10, 2023 20:16:58 UTC – Details)

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Great team builder training tool with 32 pre-printed pannels with phrases prompting conversations to improve team strength and unity
EASY TO FACILITATE: Toss the ball between colleagues and have the recipient share their reaction to whatever prompt lies under their thumb
OPEN-ENDED DISCUSSION STARTERS: Discuss insightful prompts such as, ‘A major decision’, ‘A turning point in your life’, ‘Someone you’d like to dine with or meet’
FUN & SAFE: The soft convenient 6-inch stuffed ball lets you Get Physical, Build Community, Foster New Relationships, and Have Fun!

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