The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing: Create the Big-Picture Story That Sticks!

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Worried about presenting your business opportunity to prospects? 

Here is the solution. The two-minute story is the ultimate presentation to network marketing prospects. 

When our prospects see the big picture, they make decisions immediately. No more “I need to think it over” objections. 

In less than two minutes, our prospects will move forward, ready to join. This presentation requires no flipcharts, videos, research reports, testimonials, PowerPoint slides, or graphics. All it takes is a simple two-minute story that we customize for our prospects. 

Forget all those boring presentation information dumps of the past. Instead, let’s talk to our prospects in the way they love.

Prospects enjoy a short story. Telling stories reduces our stress since stories are easy to remember. Plus, this story is 100% about our prospects. That means we become instantly interesting to our prospects and they will listen to every word we say. Now our prospects can see and feel what our business means to them. 

Enjoy connecting with prospects with no rejection and no objections. Prospects will love how we simplify their decision to join and make it stress-free. This is so much fun that now, our entire team can’t wait to talk to prospects. 

And for us? We will love helping prospects see what we see, so they will ask to join our business. 

The two-minute story is the best way to help your prospects to join. 

Order your copy now!

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