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My Patients Suffered Badly With Psoriasis For Years – Until I Discovered The Hidden Research That Changed Their Lives Forever. And Now, I’m Showing Psoriasis Sufferers Around The World How To Do The Same

This is the Very Same Diet and Natural Treatment Program That Works For Every Single One of My Psoriasis Patients, Including Those With Psoriatic Arthritis…

Now YOU Can Follow the EXACT Same Process That Took Me YEARS To Research and More Than 12 Months To Implement,

And That Has Helped Over 10,000 People With Psoriasis Have Beautiful Skin and Feel

Wonderful… GUARANTEED…

So YOU Can Get Back To Enjoying Life To The Fullest Again…

Dear Psoriasis Sufferer…

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a major problem today

surrounding conventional psoriasis treatments. And unfortunately you’re caught right in the middle of it… Today, 99% of psoriasis treatments, medically-based and naturallybased alike, don’t work, because they are missing key pieces to the psoriasis puzzle.

They are mostly promoting diets, pharmaceutical creams and drugs, and dietary supplements that are not only potential dangerous but offer nothing more than a band-aid fix in an attempt to cover up the MUCH bigger and more serious problem.

In fact, I’m going to share with you the medical research showing that 90% of psoriasis sufferers treated by modern medicine today show absolutely LITTLE IMPROVEMENT in their symptoms (actually their symptoms get worse). Over half of all psoriasis sufferers don’t even get treated conventionally because of the high cost and ineffectiveness of treatment… Sadly enough, even most natural treatments are just as bad and often times worse.

But that was before I discovered the Revolutionary Psoriasis Research that changed my patient’s lives forever, and that I will be sharing with you today, so please read on!

I’m going to give you the POWER to put an end to your psoriasis and suffering and not only help you change your life, but literally SAVE Your Life (I’ll explain how below).

I don’t care if you’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of your psoriasis and have lost all hope…

No matter how chronic your psoriasis is, you can overcome psoriasis and

psoriatic arthritis and your body can and will heal. Doctors and dermatologists who tell you differently simply use this excuse because they don’t have the answers.

It’s time you accept the reality that what you’re doing right now is NOT WORKING.

It’s time you start thinking outside of the box and take a more Revolutionary Approach to Psoriasis. I’ve walked countless psoriasis

patients over the past twenty years through this same process with the same amazing results.

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Physician, Health Researcher and 

Presenter, and author of The Psoriasis Program.

About twenty seven years ago, after discovering this research and dealing with my own health problems, I found my calling in life and started a private health consulting practice where today I continue to consult with clients from across the world. Since I started sharing my work online, my consultancy has grown rapidly having reached more than 25,000 people across more than 70 countries. I take pride in empowering psoriasis sufferers just like you across the world to take control of their own health instead of relying on a failing medical system that continues to do nothing to improve treatment standards and ignores the very research that holds the keys to the psoriasis puzzle.

And in case you were wondering… Over there to the left, that’s a picture of me and my mother, my favorite patient!

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

I spent many years searching for answers to my patients health problems and it has been a lot of research as well as trial and error to say the least. I’m sure you can relate to some of the same painful experiences that many of my psoriasis clients have experienced in the past.

Ever since I was young, I’ve taken a big interest in health, exercise and nutrition. I always took care of myself and considered myself to be quite healthy.

But as I got to my twenties, that’s when reality hit me.

While I did have a few minor symptoms of a candida yeast infection, it wasn’t until I started putting in long hours at work and was under a lot of emotional stress that my health began taking a turn for the worse.

I developed a major candida yeast infection and different kinds of skin problems, which I didn’t know at the time were some of the classic signs of psoriasis.

But then things quickly got worse. My energy levels were on the decline and I got 

increasingly depressed and anxious. My skin was becoming increasingly worse as was my digestive system.

I developed many different allergies, leaky gut syndrome and constipation after taking several rounds of antibiotics. My doctor prescribed different creams for my skin and virtually ignored my candida infection.

It became increasingly more difficult to function at my work and my relationship with my wife broke down as a result of my increasing anxiety and depression.

Needless to say, my health was severely affecting my career, my professional as well as my social life!

I’ve seen many psoriasis patients with ruined lives, people who believe they have lost control of their lives…

You may be embarrassed about somebody noticing your red and flaky skin lesions. It’s a struggle to wake up to the itching, painful, and disgusting scales covering parts of your body…

And you are forced to wear clothes based on the goal of covering up your psoriasis. I’m sure you miss, or have even forgotten what it was like to be your old happy self again…

To not have to think about your skin…

Maybe your social life has plummeted because you feel too humiliated to go out and socialize, no matter what you do or how hard you try. And you find yourself overwhelmed at times with anxiety and worry. Psoriasis patients often find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride that they never seem to be able to get off of…

“OH NO! yet another skin flare-up…”

The devastating effects that psoriasis can have on your family life is an entire story in itself. Maybe you feel bad because you can’t enjoy going out with your family on social outings. Being intimate has become a problem because of poor self confidence or low self-esteem. Your relationships with loved ones and friends maybe suffering. And you probably feel like your skin is more of a problem than anything. It’s like the life has literally been sucked out of you…

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

To not have to worry about intimacy…

Psoriasis can have a devastating effect on the intimate lives of many of its sufferers. This is one of those hidden and unseen consequences of a chronic condition like psoriasis, and a problem not many feel easy talking about.

To enjoy (not dreading) summer again…

Do you hate spring and summer? Many chronic psoriasis sufferers hate warmer weather when others can wear more revealing clothing. Imagine looking forward to summer again!

To not have to worry about messy creams, ointments or expensive drugs…

Imagine never having to worry again about applying all those messy or expensive products that just treat the symptoms and never address the cause?

They did to my patients – in the past…

I spent many years looking for answers for my psoriasis patients, only to fail miserably time and time again.

I tried many different protocols, diets and supplements, most of which only gave my patients temporary results…

I have even studied under one of the most well respected doctors in the field of natural medicine, Dr. James L. Wilson (who coined the phrase “adrenal fatigue”) as well as having attended many international functional medicine courses globally. I have also worked in various psoriasis clinics with doctors specialising in advanced natural psoriasis treatments, learning from the best.

Considering the fact that what I was learning was considered to be the most advanced and innovated form of natural and  integrative healthcare available anywhere today, I had very high hopes for getting my patients the answers they needed.

But even after implementing everything I learned from the best in the industry, my psoriasis patients outcomes improved very little in the long term…

I started researching and studying all the best books on psoriasis, psoriatic  arthritis and natural healing by authors such as Dr. John Pagano, Dr. Alan Gaby, Dr. Michael Murray and many more.

After gaining in depth knowledge on psoriasis from natural health experts,  international medical conferences and through my association with natural skin specialists, I discovered that the best results were obtained by treating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients in my clinic over a prolonged period of time, figuring out what worked and what didn’t work through sheer trial and error and plenty of patience.

Not only did this explain why everything I had tried earlier did NOT work, but it explained WHY I just wasn’t getting the long term results I was looking for my psoriasis patients that I now get.

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

I discovered through my extensive research of psoriasis, the digestive system must be healed first before serious psoriasis relief can be expected. The psoriasis patient would do well to understand the link between stress, their immune system and their skin outbreaks. The skin must be treated with natural oils instead of chemical preparations that suppress symptoms and cause side-effects.This information has given my psoriasis patients a whole new lease on life…I have studied psoriasis for many years… and slowly started putting together a blueprint, until i finally formulated the program… the master plan that has led me to put an end to my patient’s psoriasis… and that is the same plan i want to share with you in just a moment… i can tell you though, it didn’t happen overnight for most of my psoriasis patients…

Ever since I was young, I’ve taken a big interest in health, exercise and nutrition. I always took care of myself and considered myself to be quite healthy.

But as I got to my twenties, that’s when reality hit me.

While I did have a few minor symptoms of a candida yeast infection, it wasn’t until I started putting in long hours at work and was under a lot of emotional stress that my health began taking a turn for the worse.

I developed a major candida yeast infection and different kinds of skin problems, which I didn’t know at the time were some of the classic signs of psoriasis.

But then things quickly got worse. My energy levels were on the decline and I got 

increasingly depressed and anxious. My skin was becoming increasingly worse as was my digestive system.

Ignoring psoriasis or just ‘treating symptoms’ is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The longer you continue to just “deal” with the symptoms, they worse they become and the longer it takes you condition to heal.Before I knew what I now know about psoriasis, I treated all psoriasis patients like most doctors. I treated their skin with a cream and told them to eat a healthy diet…The exact same “psoriasis treatment” that was (and still is) being pushed by every single doctor, dermatologist, naturopath, website, magazine, TV show, blog, etc.…But I was frustrated because my psoriasis patients were just not getting any better…You’ve been told by your doctor that there is “no known cause or cure” for psoriasis…You’ve been told to accept psoriasis as a “way of life” and to face up to the reality of creams, ointments and drugs for the rest of your life. And your doctor or dermatologist’s excuse generally is that you’ve been born with “bad genetics” and are told that you will need to take drugs for the rest of your life…It’s NOT YOUR FAULT that you just can’t seem to get rid of your psoriasis because you’ve been LIED to!

Did You Know That Some Of The Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs Can Actually CAUSE Psoriasis?

A study conducted and recently published in The Clinical and Aesthetic Journal of Dermatology (Jan. 2010) mentioned that there are over 50 commonly prescribed drugs that are implicated in the “initiation, exacerbation or aggravation” of psoriasis. Do you take a drug AND have psoriasis? Is your psoriasis caused, exacerbated or aggravated by this drug?Maybe it’s time for a fresh NEW NATURAL approach, one that does not require the use of toxic and expensive pharmaceutical preparations.

Did You Know That Half Of Psoriasis Patients Are Unhappy With Conventional Psoriasis Treatment?

A study conducted and recently published by JAMA Dermatology from 2003 – 2011 found that half of all patients with moderate to severe psoriasis don’t even receive treatment, reasons being that the treatment is too costly (25,000 dollars per year for new drugs) or just plain ineffective.Are you happy with your medical treatment of psoriasis?Maybe it’s time for a fresh NEW NATURAL approach, one that tackles the very CAUSE of your psoriasis triggers and flare-ups!

Perhaps by now you’re beginning to understand the significance of psoriasis and how it can affect your overall health. Simply ignoring psoriasis or by just treating the symptoms with drugs and creams is a serious mistake that can have severe long term consequences to your health.That’s like ignoring a noise your car makes instead of fixing it. Before you know it you’ve got a car that fails to perform or even worse, just doesn’t start one day. Fixing the noise when you first discovered it would have saved you a lot of time, money, and effort, not to mention the years of potential problems. Having psoriasis is similar. You can change your future and your health from developing into a major medical complication by simply fixing your underlying (and often ignored) health problems associated with psoriasis today.But, heart disease, and other auto immune diseases are not the only diseases that psoriasis can lead to.Research continues to show involvement of psoriasis in a number of chronic diseases that all stem from the same potential immune dysfunction that psoriasis causes, including diseases like diabetes and even Parkinson’s Disease.While modern medicine continues to rely on the same illogical and poor symptomatic psoriasis drug treatment methods, over half of all psoriasis patients in America alone refuse conventional psoriasis medical treatment due to the high cost in addition to very poor outcomes.Luckily, you’re smart enough not to fall into that trap!

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

What is critical to understand when it comes to your psoriasis is that there’s a lot more involved than simply the skin itself. Focusing solely on your skin lesions (or joint pain with psoriatic arthritis) is one of the quickest paths to failure.There’s an entire underlying immune and digestive system that needs to be properly addressed if you ever want to win the battle with chronic psoriasis.If you don’t address your underlying health then it’s like trying to fill a bucket that is continually leaking. No matter how much water you add, if the bucket continues to leak you’ll never be able to keep it full.The same goes for your skin. It doesn’t matter how many drugs, supplements or creams you take, if your immune and digestive system has leaks then you’ll never be able to get enough vital nutrition to your skin cells and your health will increasingly suffer as time goes by.If you treat the underlying causes you will be in a much better position to get significant long-term relief.

Did you know that over three-quarters of ALL psoriasis patients in fact have a big problem with candida yeast infections? Numerous studies now validate this, but your doctor most probably will be ignoring this and just treating your skin instead. If you ignore the fact that there is a high probability that you may have a yeast overgrowth in your digestive system, you are missing the boat.This information is one of the missing links when it comes to getting rid of those continual psoriasis flare-ups. Once you finally correct the yeast overgrowth and restore balance and harmony to your digestive system amazing things will happen, like:

Doctors today don’t uncover the underlying cause of your psoriasis, instead, they have become accustomed to blaming everything on “bad genes”…I noticed that as soon as psoriasis patients started eating the right foods, balancing their diet properly, treating their skin with natural oils and creams and addressed some of their key underlying lifestyle imbalances…They somehow quickly overcame their “bad genetics”…Their immune and digestive system and skin normalized all on their own and my energy levels sky-rocked higher than they had ever remembered…Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you start teaching him or her a thing or two and show them how you overcame your “bad genetics” without the use of those expensive and toxic drugs…Here are now the 5 key reasons why most psoriasis sufferers never seem to improve permanently,These are the very 5 key areas that form the basis for my revolutionary psoriasis program I’m about to share with you, the same program I use to give my psoriasis patients their lives back…

You Simply MUST Remove The Wrong Foods That Are Suppressing Your Immune System Undermining Your Digestive System.

It IS Critical Focus On The Right Foods That Reduce Inflammation And Stimulate The Production Of Healthy Skin Cells To Keep Your Skin Cells Healthy And Vibrant…

Foods That Need To Go Like Processed and Refined Foods, As Well As Foods With A High Allergy Potential Like Cow’s Milk, To Name But A Few…

Lesser Known Foods To Avoid Are Potatoes, Tomatoes And All Tomato Products Including Tomato Sauce, Paste And Juice, Chilli, Eggplant, And Bell Peppers. Foods Like These Are Known For Their Inflammatory As Well As Their Immune Suppressing Properties With Psoriasis And Their Role In The Continuation of Psoriasis…

You MUST Balance Your Diet Precisely And Supply Your Skin Cells With The Correct Ratios Of Nutrients To Correct The Cellular Defects That Cause Psoriasis…I’ve Compiled Over 200 Pages Of Information About How To Eat, What To Eat, & What Not To Eat When You Have Psoriasis. Most Of This Information Is Simply Not Available Anywhere Else…

Internal Cleansing Is A Most Important Step; Regardless Of How “Clean” Your Diet Or Lifestyle Has Been.

Understand That Psoriasis Is The External Manifestation Of Accumulated Toxins. Detox Is Not To Be Skipped If You Want To Get Rid Of Psoriasis.

But, It Must Be The Right Kind Of Detox…

The Way To Build A Foundation For Good Health Is To Remove The Internal Toxins That Have Accumulated, Preventing Further Continuation Of A Major Psoriasis Trigger.

I’ve Outlined A Special 3-Stage Psoriasis Detox In Detail In A 46 Page Book All About Internal Cleansing And Detox.

Stress Is One Of The Primary Psoriasis Triggers, Learning HOW To Manage Stress On A Day To Day Basis Is A Critical Factor In Your Recovery From Psoriasis.Stress Causes Your Body To Naturally Secrete High Levels Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol, And This Works Against You By:

The Stress Of Recurring Psoriasis Alone Causes Your Body To Secrete Stress Hormones Continually Low-Grade, And So The Chronic Stress Cycle Continues On, Making It Literally Impossible To Correct Psoriasis Outbreaks…

You MUST Correct Any Underlying Stress Imbalances That Are Inherent With Psoriasis And That Are Holding Your Skin On Lockdown…

I’ve Written An 81 Page Book Packed With Information On Sleep And Insomnia, Exercise Tips, Relaxation, How To Handle And Recover From Stress, Troubleshooting, FAQs, And Much More…

I’ve Even Written A Separate Book On Stress, Immunity And Psoriasis. A 29-Page Book All About How Weak Adrenal Function Will Ensure You Never Recover From Psoriasis…

This Vital Information Is Completely Lacking In Any Information On Psoriasis Recovery…

Understand That Medical Creams, Lotions And Ointments Never Cure Psoriasis. They Are Superficial Treatments That Never Get To The Root Of The Problem…Use Natural Medicines On Your Skin Instead Of Chemicals, It Will Mean Less Chance Of Side Effects And You Will Avoid Toxins Building Up In Your Body.Amongst Other Natural Oils, Jojoba Oil, It Is One Of The Best Oils To Use When You Have Scalp Psoriasis.While Emu Oil Is One Of The Most Nourishing Oils You Will Ever Use On Your Skin For Psoriasis.I’ve Written A 34 Page Book Packed With The Best Natural Psoriasis Skin Treatments Including Many Different Skin Formulas, Scalp Rinses, Special Moisturizing Treatments, The Best Oils To Use, Bathing Tips, And So Much More…

After Extensive Research Into Psoriasis And Nutrition, I Discovered That The 3 Most important Food Groups To Include In Your Diet When You Have Psoriasis Are:

Did You Know That Most Psoriatic Lesions Can Be Treated At Home With Home Remedies Such As Baking Soda, Propolis, Sunlight, Coconut Oil And Other Remedies You May Not Be Aware Of? I’ll show You the Best And How To Use Them All…

Most Doctors Believe That Dietary Supplements Play Either No Role Or Only A Minor Role When It Comes To Healing Their Psoriasis, This Is Incorrect Thinking. When It Comes To Beating Psoriasis, You Simply Must Supply Your Body With The Right Nutrients It Needs To Reduce Inflammation, Boost And Improve Immunity, Repair Your Skin, And To Speed Wound Healing.

I’ve Written A 100-Page Book That Outlines The Core Program Supplementation Program, And Will Teach You The Best Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Medicines And Herbal Teas That Will Aid In Eradicating Your Psoriasis.

You Deserve More Than A Life Full Of Psoriasis. You Deserve to Live Life to the Fullest…

Let’s face it, life is too short to let psoriasis hold you back from living the life you’ve always wanted, full of energy, motivation, fun, and pure enjoyment. You just have to make the decision that you’re no longer going to settle for a poor quality of life. You just have to be willing to stand up and take your health into your hands.

You deserve better, and you know it. But you need a plan. You need a road map that can show you the way to your destination, a life with minimal disruption from psoriasis.

That’s why I’m here. I want to guide you through the most amazing transformation that you could ever have imagined. It’s already happened for thousands of others just like you. Just read the success stories on this page and see for yourself.

You are about to discover one of the biggest breakthroughs in psoriasis and natural treatment research. Unlike any other approach you may have attempted before, the Psoriasis Program addresses every facet of psoriasis from every possible trigger and cause, the inflammation, right down to the very best natural skin treatments . The Psoriasis Program has been used by thousands of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis sufferers in over 50 countries with unparalleled success. It breaks psoriasis treatment down into a simple, easy to understand, and step-by-step approach that anyone of any age or any stage of psoriasis can use, even if you’ve been treated with strong psoriasis drugs for many years. You don’t have to continue relying on doctors who have no answers, nor spend thousands of dollars to see skin specialists who still aren’t trained to effectively address all of your needs when it comes to helping you improve all aspects of your health, besides just your skin. The purpose of the Psoriasis Program is to put the power back into your hands and to arm you with the knowledge to naturally and permanently reduce those psoriasis outbreaks and reclaim your life!

For years my psoriasis patients were getting the run-around by doctors and dermatologists and not getting very far following the advice of the natural health doctors either. I can tell you now that that most of my patients have followed enough dead-end streets and failed enough times when it came to recovery from their psoriasis.When I formulated the Psoriasis Program my goal was simple, it was to create the most complete natural solution that covers every facet of natural psoriasis recovery and in a way that was simple and easy to understand, follow, and implement in your life.This isn’t some confusing or incomplete program that’s going to leave you stuck with more questions than when you started and with no clue where to even begin. The Psoriasis Program was designed for REAL PEOPLE, just like you.

For years my psoriasis patients were getting the run-around by doctors and dermatologists and not getting very far following the advice of the natural health doctors either. I can tell you now that that most of my patients have followed enough dead-end streets and failed enough times when it came to recovery from their psoriasis.

When I formulated the Psoriasis Program my goal was simple, it was to create the most complete natural solution that covers every facet of natural psoriasis recovery and in a way that was simple and easy to understand, follow, and implement in your life.

THE PSORIASIS PROGRAM isn’t some confusing or incomplete book that’s going to leave you stuck with more questions than when you started and with no clue where to even begin. The Psoriasis Program was designed for REAL PEOPLE, just like you. It was designed to be the most comprehensive and clinically effective natural psoriasis solution treatment program yet created

I’m keen to let you know how much my skin on my legs in particular has improved since I began the psoriasis program. I have been amazed that the treatment recommendation actually has cleared nearly all the psoriasis I had on my arms (as well as my legs particularly affected). I am please to tell you that due to the instructions in your books (the ‘quick start guide’ was great) I found the program easy to do.

I had no idea how important it was to change my lifestyle and diet especially as you have so clearly pointed out in your e-books. I was impressed how much information your books contain, I especially liked the advice you give in the book about natural skin treatments, because I’ve been using creams recommended by my dermatologist for over twenty years with little relief.

I appreciate your expert advice and personal engagement and that you offer your clinical online service. I have attached a few photos of my left leg and you can see how well your treatment recommendations have worked for me. I am very grateful, and God bless!

– Terry Wiseman, Maidstone, England

Hi Eric,I am delighted to tell you that my hands have almost cleared up. I am so pleased because it was very embarrassed the way my hands would look, especially when I was out and about with my wife and our friends. I must admit that I found the recommendations a bit tough to begin with but am used to them now. It only took three months to notice the dramatic improvement, and my hands have almost cleared up entirely now thanks to your advice. But the other good news is that I’ve lost almost 30 pounds (15 kilograms) of body weight in the same period, and my wife is very happy as well.Thank you for your work, I wish you all the best!!

– John Numacher, Napier, New Zealand

Hi Eric,John has had bad psoriasis for more than 10 years. In January last year it was covering his body from head to toe. You can now see the difference in his hands and we are getting the same results on his feet after your recommendations. And on the rest of his body it has almost completely gone! The capping on his head is 98% gone – it was similar to that on his hands.We think his nails are growing back normal which is very motivating for him. Seems the white moons are smooth for the first time in years. We are scared to change anything in terms of your Psoriasis Treatment Program, so will keep going. John is so grateful and his friends and family are amazed!”.Thank you so much!!

To whom it may concern,I have been suffering from terrible psoriasis patches on my knees for many years and my doctor told me that I would always have it and to get used to it. It used to cause me a lot of problems and I lost confidence in summer when I wanted to wear short trousers.I discovered the Psoriasis Program by chance on the Internet and am very happy with the outcome. After a diet overhaul and switching to the natural skin treatment that Dr. Bakker recommends in his book I noticed a difference quickly but after 8 months I hardly have this problem any more and couldn’t be happier. I was using steroid creams and was worried about their side effects, I no longer use these creams and I am happy.Thank you for offering this treatment program for people like me who have chronic psoriasis, I wish you well in the future and can recommend your program to anybody who wants to get away from steroids and other drug treatments. It worked for me.

– Paul Thornton, New York, USA

Hi Eric,I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have come across your work with psoriasis, it saved my life! I suffered with guttate psoriasis after a really bad case of strep throat I had about five years ago, and my dermatologist here in Boston recommended ketaconazole, doxycycline as well as selenium shampoo. I also used to have bad thrush, but since I followed your advice my skin is looking amazing, I can’t thank you enough. Please share my testimonial with anyone out there, I hope your work can help others as much as it has helped me.

Dr. Eric,Thank you sincerely. I have been suffering with scalp psoriasis since my teenage years. My doctor only recommended different creams that did not help me much. I am very happy since I started your treatment because I have no longer the flaking or itching skin. I used to have skin flakes in my bed and on my clothing and it was itching and sometimes I used to scratch it until it was bleeding. Thank you again for your treatment and your help, I am very happy with my skin now.

– Kumar, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

I had psoriasis arthritis as well as psoriasis arthritis for about 10 years before coming across the Psoriasis Program. I had tried all kinds of treatments including conventional medicine and alternative therapies, nothing really helped. The breakthrough for me was the connection with candida and psoriasis, and in hindsight I now realise that I had candida for as long as I had psoriasis. I did have temporary success with a candida diet a few years ago, but the real results came when I applied the diet and the different treatments I learned about in the Psoriasis Diet. I decided to give Eric’s program a try last year and was really impressed by the results, I no longer have joint pain and my skin is just about clear.

– Wendy Morrow, Sydney, Australia

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

The Most Comprehensive Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program Available – Anywhere

The Psoriasis Program is comprised of five easy-to-follow stages and is comprised of 13 individual downloadable e-books (almost 600 pages). Over many years of working with psoriasis patients in my clinic, I’ve noticed that some can find a treatment program quite confusing. So I also added a very easy to follow and simple timeline chart in The QUICK START Guide (the second book) that makes it absolutely clear what you need to do and exactly when you need to do it.

Recipes, Shopping Lists, and Even An Online 12-Part Psoriasis Course – It’s All There

There are more than 40 delicious recipes to get you started, lists of my top psoriasis-fighting foods, and even a detailed shopping list you can print out and take to the store with you if you sign-up for my FREE online 12-part Psoriasis Program course. Just go to and sign-up today! I have done everything I can to make your psoriasis treatment as simple and easy to understand as I can.

The Psoriasis Diet Is Your Foundation

The Psoriasis Diet Is Your Foundation

Your diet is one of the the KEY points in overcoming psoriasis, the information in the two books I’ve written is the latest research into psoriasis and nutrition.

Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, especially lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli and watercress.

Avoid the nightshade vegetables, which are potatoes, tomatoes and all tomato products including tomato sauce, paste and juice, chilli, eggplant, and capsicums (bell peppers). Don’t be fooled by the image above, it contains tomatoes and bell pepper!

Best meat is lamb and fish,chicken is OK, try to avoid beef. (I explain why)

Alcohol is your #1 enemy, psoriasis patients most disappointed with a lack of results are often the ones who just can’t seem to give up alcohol for any length of time.Home made juices are ok such as carrot, spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, beets, sweet potato, ginger, wheatgras, kale and swiss chard (silverbeet). I’ll show you the best juices and give you plenty of recipes.Drink plenty of water, most psoriasis patients in my experience don’t drink enough. Aim for at least 6 glasses of water every day.Avoid junk foods, you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy eating, stay on track by only eating foods that build-up health.Be sure to incorporate the special foods, supplements, herbs and teas for a faster recovery, but first get a good working knowledge of the Psoriasis Diet.For much more detailed information read these Psoriasis Program books: Introduction To Healthy Eating For Psoriasis and The Psoriasis Diet.Be sure to read the Psoriasis Diet books, the most comprehensive diet and nutrition book ever written for psoriasis patients.This information is worth the price of the entire program alone!

This is a very important step. it is best that you commence with internal cleansing and detoxification, regardless of how “clean” your diet or lifestyle were before you started on The Psoriasis Program.Understand that psoriasis is the external manifestation of accumulated toxins. Detox is not to be skipped if you want to get rid of psoriasis.The way to build a foundation for good health in the future is to remove the internal toxins that have accumulated to prevent them being a future trigger and continuation of your psoriasis.Toxins are best removed by way of internal cleansing and the proper selection of foods and drinks and special techniques I have outlined in my program.

Perspiration may become more active when there is a lack of ability for your bowels and kidneys to function well. Be sure to use 100 percent cotton undergarments and bed linens. Sauna therapy may be beneficial.Colon hydrotherapy can be incredibly effective if you have psoriasis and is an excellent detoxification aid.Be sure to incorporate the special foods, supplements, herbs and teas all which will aid in the process of helping you to achieve the goal of attaining a clear and beautiful sin in the shortest possible time.For much more information please read the book: – Psoriasis, Internal Cleansing and Detox.

Understand The Relationship Between Stress And Psoriasis

Understand stress, keep your stress levels under control, and managing your stress on a day to day basis is a most important factor in your recovery from psoriasis.

Be aware of the key relationship between stress and your immune system, this information is completely lacking in any books on psoriasis and surely worth the price of the entire psoriasis program alone.

Be sure to read the information about adrenal fatigue and psoriasis, this is one of THE biggest missing links when it comes to treatment failure and poor psoriasis recovery.

Try and maintain a cheerful disposition. smile, because worry or becoming angry or antagonistic only creates a toxic body, just as much as eating junk foods will.

Tell yourself that you will come right, it is just a matter of time. You need patience to recover from psoriasis, let me show you how to cultivate it.Positive self-talk will get you through when you feel down and out.For much more information read these Psoriasis Program books: – Psoriasis, Stress and Immunity and Psoriasis And Understanding the Lifestyle.Be sure to incorporate the special foods, supplements, herbs and teas for a faster recovery, but first get a good working knowledge of the Psoriasis Diet.For much more detailed information read these Psoriasis Program books: Introduction To Healthy Eating For Psoriasis and The Psoriasis Diet.

STOP Using Chemical Skin Treatments

Understand that external applications don’t cure psoriasis. they are palliative treatments, but don’t get to the root of the problem.Always sample any skin treatments before apply to large areas, you may be very sensitive to the treatment without knowing it.Use natural medicines instead of chemicals, it will mean less side effects and you will avoid toxins building up in your body.Try jojoba oil, it is one of the best oils to use for a scalp massage.I’ll show you the best (and the worst) oils and creams to use and why.

Pomegranate oil and emu oil are two of the best psoriasis oils you will get.Olive oil is the best oil to use to soften scales and plaque, they will wash away much more easily after you leave the skin to soften. Let me show you how.Try the different essential oil skin mixes I’ve have suggested in my special book on natural psoriasis skin care.Dr. Pagano’s special skin treatment is excellent, complete instructions are in the Psoriasis What To Do With Your Skin book.Airola’s Formula F-Plus has been proven for decades for psoriasis, instructions are in the Psoriasis What To Do With Your Skin book.Apple cider vinegar in water can bring good relief to inflamed and itchy areas.Warm Epsom salt baths are very beneficial for healing the skin, add one to two cups of Epsom salts to the bath.I’ve compiled only the very best natural psoriasis skin treatments that have proven to be the most effective ones.

SPEED UP Your Skin’s Healing Ability

Some believe that dietary supplements play on a minor role when it comes to healing their psoriasis, and that skin creams, ointments and creams are more important, this is incorrect thinking!Before you get serious with taking any dietary supplements, improve your digestion first. This will generally mean that taking digestive enzymes with meals for several weeks. This may be a significantly positive move for you, read more in Psoriasis, Special Foods, Supplements and Herbs.Preferably buy and use only high quality supplements, herbs and teas, you always get what you pay for.

There are different kinds of beneficial herbal medicines; they can be taken as liquid or dry as tablets or capsules. Herbal skin support formulations include burdock, St Mary’s thistle, sarsaparilla, and red clover.Supplement basic for those with psoriasis – multivitamin, antioxidant nutrients, omega-3 fish oil capsules, and zinc.Critical supplements to take are digestive enzymes, probiotics (saccharomyces boulardii and Lactobacillus acidophilus), Vitamins A and D3, high-dose folic acid (trial), and selenium.A fiber supplement is often most beneficial for those with psoriasis, it will allow beneficial bacteria to thrive in the digestive system and facilitate easier removal of toxins.Herbal teas include Pau d’arco, slippery elm, yellow dock, and St Mary’s thistle.For much more information read this Psoriasis Program book: Psoriasis, Special Foods, Supplements and Herbs. This book is absolutely PACKED with the best information on the best products for psoriasis.

Eric, I was struggling with psoriasis for more than ten years. At first it only occurred every now and then but after a few years it seemed like I had it permanently. I tried every possible “remedy” available with no success. I decided to do some research and came across your Psoriasis Program. It really has helped me overcome my psoriasis and I have now been psoriasis-free for almost 6 months. The Psoriasis Program is a wonderful, easy to understand guide and it has provide me with all the information I needed to overcome psoriasis.

At first, following the Psoriasis Diet was a challenge, but with all the helpful information in your program, I overcame my psoriasis. There is no quick fix for psoriasis, but with commitment and a positive attitude there is no reason why it should ruin your life. I still follow your diet and lifestyle recommendations to a large extent just because I feel healthier and happier. I would recommend Dr. Bakker’s Psoriasis program to anyone suffering from psoriasis.

– Gary Palmer, Lowa, USA

Although I only had a moderate case of psoriasis (scalp psoriasis, some bloating and weight I could not lose), the Psoriasis Program was very helpful in ridding my most annoying problem.It is logically structured and written so that anyone can read it; you don’t need to be a doctor or work in the field of health to understand this program. Everything you need to know is laid out in order and in step by step in the Quick Start Guide. I have to say that the recipes are delicious and filling so I never felt nor do I feel deprived.I don’t miss my old diet (that was not helpful in making me healthy) at all. I have learned how important relaxation is, and how to reduce my stress. This is a much better way to eat and to live, compared to feeling embarrassed, red, flaky and itchy skin all the time, as psoriasis made me feel. I have lots more energy now and my skin looks and feels great! Thanks for a great program!

– Karen Beaumont, Ashford, Surrey, England

I have been trying to beat psoriasis for over 15 years, but for a long time I didn’t know that I was causing my flare-ups to occur because of my lifestyle and dietary habits. I bought he Psoriasis Program and found that the book called Psoriasis and Understanding The Lifestyle” (one of the thirteen individual books that make up Psoriasis Program) helped me to understand is why I was wasting my time with relying on skin treatments alone. My doctor was not at all helpful and told me to live with it, something I’ve never been able to accept. I now know how to keep psoriasis away, something that has been ruining my life for so long.For years I suspected that my stressful job and lifestyle were behind a lot of my health problems and The Psoriasis Program not only confirmed my suspicion, it showed me how to make the changes necessary to keep psoriasis away for life. Dr. Bakker writes in a way that makes so much sense. The Psoriasis Shopping List was really helpful too. I keep the list in my kitchen just to make sure my food is ‘psoriasis safe’. I found the recipes great as well, and a good way to kick start my new way of healthy eating.The Psoriasis Diet is probably the healthiest approach to eating I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been sticking to it for a while now. I have lost over 20 pounds and feel fantastic and will never go back to eating any other way! The Psoriasis Diet does require a level of self discipline, but once you get used to it you’re on a journey to a very healthy and enjoyable life.

– Hellen Easton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

The Psoriasis Program is your ultimate natural treatment manual to healing psoriasis. This most comprehensive program is going to take you through everything that you need to know about healing your psoriasis naturally, in simple and easy to understand terms. I guarantee, there’s no medical jargon to confuse you!There is a reason why the Psoriasis Program is one of a kind, and that’s because it contains so much unique cutting-edge information it will amaze you.Don’t continue to be misled and lied to by mainstream healthcare and the corporate chemical industries who care only about their own profits and not your health, let me show you information that can really help you recover from psoriasis based on more than two decades of clinical naturopathic practice, countless psoriasis patients as well my own independent research into the best possible natural treatments for psoriasis.The complete and comprehensive Psoriasis Program is the ultimate bible of how to heal your psoriasis, stop the causes and the underlying inflammatory disease process as well as achieve optimal health for the rest of your life.Just take a look at the 13 e-books that make up the Psoriasis Program, you won’t find a more complete and clinically proven natural psoriasis program anywhere like this, I guarantee it!

This book is a good and comprehensive introduction to psoriasis.I explain exactly what psoriasis is, what your main triggers and the most likely causes are.Learn the 3 main types of psoriasis and the factors that determine your recovery, Learn how to avoid aggravations and flare-ups as well as the 12 psoriasis perseverance tips.Discover that Psoriasis Program is a detailed and well-researched plan to eliminate your psoriasis forever.

The QUICK START guide was designed to get you straight into the Psoriasis Program.A simple no nonsense step-by-step guide on exactly what to do and when to do it.No need to wade through hundreds of pages looking for answers, getting confused.Each of the 5 key steps is explained, and you will learn the key hints and tips on getting results FAST.Hints and tips on what to do if you still need and all else fails. You will find this guide handy!

More than 100 pages on some of the best diet and nutrition information on psoriasis you will find.Designed as an introduction to the comprehensive 3-stage Psoriasis Diet program.I highly recommend that you read it before you start on the Psoriasis Diet.This book will lay the foundation for great digestive and immune health, leading to optimal health and lasting freedom from psoriasis.

The most comprehensive book written yet about dietary treatment of psoriasis.More than 100 pages, packed with information that explains the three-stage psoriasis diet in detail.The diet begins with a one to two week cleanse, and is very simple to follow.You won’t have to starve yourself and you will still be able to eat many of those foods you love.Comprehensive lists of the foods to eat and avoid (and why) during your treatment.Specialized psoriasis recipes.

This book explains what leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability) is, and its implications with psoriasis.Learn why healing your digestive system is one of the most important aspects of psoriasis recovery.Understand why your immune system becomes overwhelmed by toxins causing inflammation and what you can do to rectify it quickly.Frequent flare-ups CAN be resolved by learning this priceless information! The information is worth the price of the program alone.

Learn all about the strong connection between a yeast infection and psoriasis.Candida is one of the prime psoriasis triggers, causing its persistence as well as aggravation in many people.In a recent study, 21 out of 34 people with psoriasis were found to have athlete’s foot.Researchers have consistently found a relationship with Candida albicans in the digestive system of those with chronic psoriasis, This book will teach you how to recognize if you have a yeast infection if you have psoriasis, and what to do about it.Learn HOW to resolve your yeast infection in your conquest to become and remain psoriasis free for life.

This 50 page book explains all you need to know about cleansing and detox if you have psoriasis.

The BEST results are obtained by assisting psoriasis patients in internal cleansing by opening up and improving elimination, especially the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs.

This valuable book outlines my 3-stage psoriasis detoxification program, specifically targeted for those with chronic or recurring psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.

Learn basic as well as advanced detox concepts, and understand why you need to keep your bowels, liver and kidneys clean if you want to be free of psoriasis.

Learn the vital connection between your immune system, your digestive system, stress in your life and how your skin is affected.Many people don’t know or fully understand the connection between stress, immunity and psoriasis, and this book explains all.You will learn how to rebuild your immune system and restore the integrity of your body’s stress system .Most all psoriasis sufferers have varying degrees of stress- related health complaints that can and should be improved, and by doing so will pave the way for a successful and permanent eradication of psoriasis.This key information is missing in every book I’ve seen on psoriasis.

Your complete and long-term recovery from psoriasis may very well be dependent on learning and applying the essence of this book.Understanding about how and why your lifestyle influences the severity of your psoriasis is information you need to know if you want to recover.Anxiety, tension and stress all increase your skin aggravation and keep you in an inflammatory state, I’ll show you what to do about it.This book contains 80 pages packed with the best advice on how to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle to beat your psoriasis forever!

More than 30 pages packed with the best information on what to do with your skin when you have psoriasis.Learn my top 10 psoriasis skin-care tips, the best creams, ointments and oils to use.Discover specialized psoriasis skin formulations from the world’s best skin doctors.Learn the two absolutely best natural oils to use, and the four reasons why you need to use oils and creams regularly.Many tips on bathing, scalp care, many specialized essential oil psoriasis formulations, and lots more!This book even contains several psoriasis skin-care recipes you can make up at home.

Over half of psoriasis patients are not happy with their conventional medical treatments. (National Psoriasis Foundation USA 2013)This 20 page booklet explains all the treatments that your doctor or dermatologist may recommend, outlining the different kinds of drugs and their side-effects.I explain all about the current topical psoriasis treatments, UV treatment, systemic therapy, disease modifying agents, and the kinds of drugs that have been implicated in actually causing psoriasis.This is a very handy guide if you are currently taking any conventional medicine treatment for your psoriasis. Learn the truth!

A 40 page booklet that outlines the various tests available to you, particularly to show you the underlying digestive and immune problems that may well be stopping your recovery.Targeted testing can uncover your individual causes and triggers of psoriasis, yet is often ignored by most health-care professionals.Discover that appropriate testing will provide you with a personalized framework for accurate diagnosis and highly targeted treatment.I’ll show you how and why testing can give you the best chances of a full recovery.This specialized information is simply not available anywhere else, and it could make all the difference!

The latest research into specialized psoriasis-fighting foods, and a list of my the most effective psoriasis supplements.A comprehensive book describing the best foods, supplements and herbal medicines that have the best effect on reducing the inflammatory process, inhibiting and eradicating unwanted bacteria, yeasts and parasites from the body, as well as balancing the pH of the body.A very handy book indeed, as it will also teach you the best vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines and herbal teas that will aid in eradicating your psoriasis.I outline the core psoriasis supplementation program in this booklet.

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

Hi Eric,I booked an appointment with you online and reading through your book, it’s a psoriasis bible! – so much really great information I reckon it should be compulsory reading for everyone with psoriasis and all dermatologists! (who generally seem to have no clue about diet/psoriasis)Thanks

Hi Eric,I just wanted to write to tell you that I purchased your Psoriasis Program and received all the downloads. I have been on the diet and made many of the lifestyle changes you have recommended for about a month and I’m already feeling much better. I stopped eating sugar and drinking alcohol, and stopped eating those ‘trigger’ foods as you mentioned. I love what you have done and think that the information you have provided is well worth the money spent, considering I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years and made no improvements. My dermatologist was of no help, nor was my doctor.Thank you so much.

– Lewis Niederhausen, Melbourne, Australia

I began to realize that I’d developed psoriasis after I took strong antibiotics for a staph infection related to surgery after a car accident. At first I developed Candida, then I developed the psoriasis. I got really sick and several weeks later was back in hospital with the same thing… and was prescribed more antibiotics. I got increasingly sick over a period of several months, and at first didn’t know the connection, until I read your Psoriasis Program!I started on the Psoriasis Program and within 3 weeks noticed that was feeling fifty percent or more better. My doctor cannot not believe how much I’ve improved, and as a bonus I’ve lost weight! My health had been going increasingly downhill, I was getting weaker, and my skin was looking worse by the day. My doctor referred me to a skin specialist who diagnosed psoriasis and placed me on a steroid cream initially, and then later on a drug called methotrexate. I was getting increasingly tired and irritable and going nowhere with my health. I was now developing side-effects related to methotrexate and at that point found your website on Google and started reading. After starting The Psoriasis Program, it took about three weeks to notice that things were starting to improve, my bowels improved, the constipation went away, my skin was a lot less itchy and I was noticing that both my energy and sleep were improving daily. I stopped the drugs from my doctor and started taking the antifungal called canxida you recommended me. My doctor said recently that it was amazing and to keep doing what I am doing!Dr. Bakker, I cannot thank you enough.

The Ultimate Psoriasis Program has been a real life saver for me! I can truly say that I exhausted all routes of treatment, and have tried every cream, pill and potion. I know that my doctor was sick and tired of seeing me; he told me there was nothing more he could do for me and that I’d have to get used to my skin itching so bad, all the time. It was getting me down after more than twenty years! I was getting increasingly tired, emotional and had just about given up hope of ever finding a solution for my awful skin. Then on the Internet I found the Psoriasis Program. Initially it was difficult to let go of all those foods I wanted to eat, but I was desperate for a change so I took the first step. I was staying up much too late and drinking too much coffee, and I do admit that my lifestyle was not the bestWithin the first few days I had really bad headaches (my fault, I remember in your newsletter you said this would happen if I stopped coffee too quickly) Over time I was getting out of bed each morning without coffee, ready for the day. My mood lifted and overall I was just feeling so much better. Amazing, by following the Psoriasis Program as a lifestyle choice I have lost weight as well, which is a big plus for me! I still have a long road ahead of me, and I am not perfect. But now, after having gone through such a huge change in how my skin looks and how I feel, I just know this is the right path for me, I want to thank you so much, I’m sure that there will be many people with psoriasis who will benefit, just like I have.

– Danielle Beaumont, Brescia, Italy

I want to be completely honest with you – this program is not for everyone.PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY…This revolutionary program is ONLY meant for people who are serious about overcoming their psoriasis and making the best most out of life.I won’t lie to you, it does take commitment to follow the program as designed for maximum results.This Program Is NOT For Those Who Don’t Want To Commit…After working with psoriasis patients for many years, it has become crystal clear which patients are dedicated to changing their lives and overcoming psoriasis and those who are more interested in coming up with excuses for why they can’t seem to commit…If you can’t commit to changing your life, then please don’t waste your time or mine for that matter…And, if you’re looking to find the newest secret supplement or magic pill then you’re definitely in the wrong place because there is no (and never will be) a magic fix or a silver bullet and your health.Unless you’re willing to make the effort to eliminate the underlying cause your psoriasis and lay down a solid foundation of health that will keep your digestive and immune system healthy for life then you will never achieve the permanent results that my most satisfied psoriasis patients achieve.But, before you take the next step, let me ask you…How ready are you to take back your life? How good is it going to feel to wake up every day and focus on what matters most in your life instead of merely struggling to accept your psoriasis?How important is it to you to have beautiful skin, and what will you do with your life since you’ll be in complete control and look and feel amazing?You can continue to do nothing and struggle through a life of psoriasis, watching your health continue to suffer and decline.Or, you can join me today and take back your life and your health and put an end to your suffering once and for all.The choice is ultimately yours…

No, you didn’t read that wrong. That’s exactly what this program is… This program is an investment and arguably one of the best  investments you could ever possibly make…

For starters, you can’t put a value on adding happy and healthy years to your life, but that’s only part of the investment.

I also want you to consider the frightening healthcare costs that are rising at unsustainable levels each and every year. Medical costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy today (62% of all bankruptcies and 78% of these people even had health insurance!) and it’s only getting worse as healthcare costs continue to rise year after year. At this rate, it won’t be long before no one will be able to afford healthcare…

So, it’s no exaggeration that the Psoriasis Program could easily save you thousands of dollars in healthcare costs not only in your lifetime – but quite possibly each year with the way things are going.No other investment, whether it be bricks and mortar or the stock market or otherwise can offer you that good of an investment!No matter what happens in life, all you ever really have is your health, right? It is your MOST IMPORTANT investment.Now, if I worked with you one-on-one then your investment would amount to 150.00 per hour, this is what all of my psoriasis patients pay to achieve unprecedented results each and every time. While personal consultations are one of the best investments that you could make with chronic psoriasis, I’m not going to ask you for that kind of investment.Having all the thirteen books that make up The Psoriasis Program is the BEST of my psoriasis knowledge all distilled into one exceptional program, and the investment you make is less than a third of my hourly rate!

But, I do reserve the right to remove this exclusive discount at any time with no exceptions whatsoever.

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

Dr. Bakker, I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful books on psoriasis. I have been experiencing psoriatic arthritis all my life, as long as I can remember. My finger joints used to swell every morning, and my shoulders would ache in bed at night and was taking lots of different medicines from my doctor. One of the most difficult steps for me was to stop eating tomatoes, my husband grows the most wonderful tomatoes and they were one of my favorite foods, we would eat them all summer long! Today I feel so much better. My hands are not swollen; I hardly feel any more pain. My doctor is very impressed and has told me to stay with your recommendations, because they are clearly helping. I haven’t taken any prednisone or methotrexate for several months now, which I am really happy about.I’m so happy that my joints don’t ache anymore, I just can’t believe the difference it has my to my life. I can now open jars and even use a pair of scissors without pain, amazing! Now looking back, I was very ill with psoriatic arthritis, and I think the drugs my doctor had me taking were probably responsible for most of it. If anybody with this terrible condition is reading this, then I recommend they get your program and try your program, because it certainly did the trick for me.I truly thank you.

– Jean Ann Wilson, Los Angeles, USA

After having lived with psoriasis for more than 20 years, using different medicines like antifungal drugs, antibiotics, steroid ointments and creams I am very pleased and amazed at how much my skin cleared up after only six months of being on the psoriasis program. A year later and I am over 95 percent clear now, my skin is not dry or itchy anymore and I have no longer been experiencing the steroid side effects that I had been for too many years like easy bruising and poor wound healing. I noticed an improvement not longer after I started the psoriasis diet, and taking the canXida supplement helped me a great deal as well. With the encouragement of my improvements (my doctor was pretty useless to be honest) and the help I received from the advice psoriasis program I feel my life has improved so much for the better. Many thanks go to Eric Bakker for creating the psoriasis program, and I recommend the treatment to anybody with a chronic skin condition like psoriasis.

– Phillipa Gregory, Brisbane, Australia

Hi Eric,It is with much gratitude and appreciation that I write you this testimonial to you with regards to the Psoriasis Program. I am a 39 year old woman who developed psoriasis only around four years ago after several rounds of antibiotics for a really sore throat. Within several months of antibiotics I started to develop guttate psoriasis that affected my back, chest, upper arms and elbows. It was so embarrassing, because I always used to have beautiful skin! I tried everything and was only offered useless creams by my doctor and the dermatologist was no better, he told me that I would have to take steroid creams on and off for the rest of my life, something I always refused to believe. By chance I found your psoriasis website after a Google search and it truly was the turning point I had been looking for. I’ve also had a few Skype consultations with you and these have been of enormous help to me, which meant I didn’t have to travel all the way to your clinic in New Zealand! I have followed your psoriasis diet and specialised skin care treatments for the past 4 months and can honestly say I absolutely delighted with the outcome – the guttate psoriasis has all but cleared up, my energy has improved significantly and so has my sleep.All the very best!!

Hi Dr. Eric,I am 58 years old and was first diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 13. It has been an ongoing source of stress for me and a continual battle trying to find an effective treatment to keep the never-ending lesions under control. I can’t tell you how much money and stress it has caused me, it has been way too much all these years. I used to dread summer time when I was a lot younger, when my parents took us kids to the beach I stayed covered up most of the time. Fellow psoriasis sufferers will understand exactly how I was feeling!Some treatments worked short term and to be honest, but most treatments were absolutely useless, and so were the many doctors I have seen since I was a young girl. I never gave up hope and have spent many an hour on the internet, which led me to your Psoriasis Program. I started the psoriasis diet at once and can tell you that I was suffering from a lot of stress due to my shift work as a nurse, and one of your books mentioned that “unless I get the stressful life under control I would be wasting my time” expecting a significant recovery.Your books contained more useful information than anything else I have found on the internet.This was the missing part of the puzzle for me, I am now really amazed at how great my skin is and can’t thank you enough, I wish I knew about this information earlier. If any other psoriasis sufferers are reading this I can highly recommend Eric’s books about psoriasis.

 – Emma Broekesma, Utrect, Holland

Did You Think For One Moment That I Was Going To Leave You Stranded?

With The Psoriasis Program You are getting every single tool and all of the material that you need to take your life back and begin to enjoy life again, exactly the way that life was meant to be enjoyed…Life was meant to be a beautiful experience, not some ruthless and embarrassing struggle with your skin. And I’m going to lead you down that lost path, back where you lost control of your life a long time ago. And if you ever get confused along the way or forget which way you were going then I’ll be right there with you all the way, to point you in the right direction.Let’s face it, you could go out and buy any book on psoriasis (you may have already) and all you’re usually left with is a book that will likely spend the remainder of its life collecting dust on your bookshelf or jumping from garage sale to garage sale. Ask yourself these questions:

Does the author have more than twenty years of experience in treating chronic psoriasis, is he or she trustworthy, does he or she have a significant online presence, is he or she available for you to seek professional guidance from by way of a Skype consultation?Probably Not!Is the author going to check in on you to make sure that you understand and follow the information correctly?Of Course Not!Is the author going to give you not only his or her extensive psoriasis natural treatment program at a bargain price, but on top of that give you an extensive online psoriasis recovery learning program – entirely FREE?NO WAY!And that’s just one of the many things that separate me from just about any other practitioner or author on psoriasis out there. Plus, I can guarantee that you will not find the amazing and highly effective natural treatment methods that I show you in any book or any other psoriasis treatment program. I can guarantee this!I want to leave you with the best experience of your life…To go that extra mile, I’ll be providing you with a Psoriasis Program E-Mail Course to help you with every step of way.You will receive my 12-part email course that will take you through the entire Psoriasis Program!This email coaching is designed to ensure that you stay motivated and hold you fully accountable, which are both important keys to success in every aspect of life. They also help answer any questions you might have along the way.This is something that I typically only offer my clients but that I’m opening up to you, today for FREE!

One of the main reasons you may well be doing the Psoriasis Program is to enjoy the freedom that you are about to experience being FREE from all those skin lesions and/or joint pain, and eating healthy is one of the most important foundations of the Psoriasis Program that will allow you to achieve your objective sooner rather than later.While I do provide more than enough dietary tools and resources that you really don’t even need to think about food (just eat it!), I also wanted to give you the advantage of having the most detailed and specialized psoriasis shopping guide available anywhere!The advantage of this most comprehensive 13 page good food guide is that it walks you through exactly what you CAN eat, and what the BEST foods are if you have chronic psoriasis. This is the same guide I sell for 50.00 in my clinic, and it’s yours for FREE as an added bonus if you purchase The Psoriasis Program!

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

Thanks Eric, you are a true life saver.I am so pleased to be able to wear short sleeved garments and I no longer feel like the ‘lizard lady’. My elbows were horrible for many years with constant flaking and scaling skin. Your program has been a god send, I thank you so much for what you have done for me.

– Elizabeth de Groot, Seattle, USA

Hi Eric,Thanks for contacting me recently about my progress, and yes, I am happy to give you a testimonial. Your psoriasis program worked well for me, the outcome is that I’m no longer dependent on the medications the doctor gave me, and these included lots of different kinds of creams and pills that I was tired of taking. Not only that, it was costing me a small fortune.My biggest improvement was in the severe itching in bed at night when I got warm, my sleep was becoming increasingly disturbed and it made me a very irritated person the following day. My wife was more concerned about my chronic lack of sleep than my itching and flaking skin, and once I switched to the natural skin care recommendations in the Psoriasis Program (that little book was great!) I really started to notice the difference. Looking back, I think I was suffering a lot from side effects of the doctor’s treatment.I want to thank you sincerely for your help and for your wonderful psoriasis program, it has been of enormous benefit to me. My sleep has improved so much and it’s such a pleasure to wake up feeling like I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

– Joseph Heller, Broseley, Shropshire, England

Hello Eric,My skin looks fantastic, it’s like I’m in a dream! My legs, arms and trunk haven’t look this good in as long as I can remember. My daughter remarked last week, “Mum, I hardly recognize you – you look fantastic”. The painful, cracked and weeping skin is now GONE, I’m so amazed! I’m relieved of the wretched agony and torment of that awful psoriasis that I’ve had to endure for the past 30 years. My gratitude goes out to your wonderful program and all your help and assistance. Thank you for changing my life.

– Anne Barker, Auckland, New Zealand

Imagine beautiful skin, imagine being able to wear any clothes you like. NO MORE embarrassment!

Imagine being able to actually look forward to summer!

Imagine a restful night’s sleep, waking completely rested, full of energy, and ready to start the day.

Imagine going through your day and being able to concentrate on work and your family without feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety about your skin!

Imagine no more drugs with side effects or messy creams or ointments. Imagine the cost savings!

Imagine living the rest of your life the way that life was meant to be enjoyed, knowing that you are in total control of your health.

Think about that about that for a moment. Where will you be and how will you look and feel in 6 months if you don’t get started with the Psoriasis Program today? Do you honestly think that you’ll see any improvement in your psoriasis? I didn’t think so.Even though thousands of people have had success with this program, I know you may feel a little hesitant because you don’t want to have wasted your time and money and purchased something that wasn’t right for you. I understand that. We’ve all been there. But I also know that you need to take a chance and give it a shot, otherwise, you will never get any closer to living a life free of psoriasis.But rest assured because…

To whom it may concern,I’ve spent many hours researching psoriasis since I was first diagnosed about nine years ago and quickly worked out that the medical treatments offered by my doctor weren’t really doing much for me. They were messy and the results just weren’t there. I bought a psoriasis e-book two years ago and felt that it was just another complete waste of time, and because of this was quite skeptical about the psoriasis program by Dr. Bakker. I can tell you this, nothing short of a miracle happened about two months after starting the diet and lifestyle changes. You see, I am a computer programmer and lead a highly stressful lifestyle, the recommendations not only got rid of my awful scalp psoriasis, I also discovered that my digestion improved hugely and I even lost 40 pounds or more in weight.I want to thank your sincerely for your psoriasis program, it has been the best investment I have made online in the past several years.

 -Leroy Daniels, Connecticut, USA

Hi Eric,As promised, here is my testimonial to you. You already have my “long version” I emailed you a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d condense it down for you. You have my permission to use it, because I highly encourage anyone else with psoriatic arthritis to follow your methods, the program worked for me like a charm. I’m 38 years of age now and started to develop bad arthritis not long after I was diagnosed with psoriasis just after I turned 19. It took a few years before the doctor found the connection, and I was prescribed strong steroids and methotrexate therapy. After several years on this treatment I got really sick, my liver started to slowly get poisoned and my digestion got really bad. I was then placed on an acid-blocking drug. Even though the pain in my arms and shoulders was less, my skin would flare up all the time. I can remember coming to your clinic and you telling me to “forget the skin and treat the gut”. I was still drinking beer most days and my doctor said nothing!It took about nine months on your program but I haven’t looked back, the difference is absolutely staggering to say the least, my life has changed so much! I can play with my kids and enjoy spending time with my wife now, completely pain free but also with a skin that is 90 percent clear. I wish you all the very best and am grateful to have found you and your program.

– Anthony Collins, Wichita, Kansas, USA

And just wanted to mention that your Psoriasis Program is totally amazing! So helpful. Your approach towards psoriasis and the natural treatment method in general – this is unbelievable these days! Everyone just wants to sell drugs, while your advice is all about natural treatments, products and natural medicine. I live in USA but I am actually from Bulgaria and your methods remind me so much of the way older people in my country treat health problems. There are many older people who are healers back home who are using herbs and all kinds of natural stuff and you remind me of them, which is just great! I wish there were more people like you!!!

Wish you a great Christmas Holidays!

Hello Eric,Just letting you know that your treatment recommendations for my psoriasis was just what I was looking for. My doctor told me to “keep on the treatment” because it was working so well, and he even stopped my medication. My family and friends have been commenting how much happier I’ve been these past several months, and it’s all because of your wonderful treatment. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement.

– Margaret Lovatt, Melbourne, Australia

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

Stop hiding your body under all that clothes! Show off your body with complete confidence when you learn how to become completely free of itchy, scaly psoriasis! It doesn’t matter what caused your psoriasis or how severe it is. My natural psoriasis treatment program will start showing you results in just weeks – I guarantee it! Try it for a full 60 days and see for yourself!This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the course of your life and create the life that you want and deserve.I can’t wait to see the new you.Talk to you soon,Eric Bakker N.D.

WRONG! If The Psoriasis Program doesn’t AMAZE you, if the sheer quality of the content of this MOST comprehensive psoriasis self-help natural course doesn’t take you by surprise then I’d like to know what is better out there! I’ve seen ALL the books and programs on psoriasis self-help, and they are ALL pathetic in my opinion. I’ve spent 27 years treating patients just like you and have had MANY disappointed patients telling me they felt RIPPED OFF after buying books about psoriasis treatment online. I’ve NEVER had anybody tell me this about The Psoriasis Program. What have you got to lose? You even have a 60 days to prove me wrong, a two month no questions asked refund policy. What could be more fair than that!

The Psoriasis Program is available in digital (e-book) PDF format.The Psoriasis Program consists of a series of PDFs that are easily downloaded directly to your computer, eBook reader, or other personal device. This allows you to save on the cost of the materials and shipping. This is a great cost saving, because you are not paying for shipping or printing costs. You may decide to print one or more books however, and this can be easily done.

I completely understand! Maybe you think you’ve tried everything when it comes to your psoriasis. Yet, I can guarantee that you haven’t tried this yet. The Psoriasis Program is based on the latest breakthroughs in psoriasis diet and natural medicine treatment research. If you’re still struggling with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis or not managing it well (like 50% of those with psoriasis) then you deserve to live the life you want.

If you’re struggling with any of the common psoriasis symptoms such as cracked skin, itchy skin, bleeding or weeping skin, embarrassment, anxiety, drug side effects, digestive issues, hair, skin, and nail problems, sleeping problems, poor quality of life, etc. — then the Psoriasis Program is DEFINITELY designed for somebody just like you!

But you’ll never know unless you try it. And it’s backed by a “no questions asked” 60-day money back guarantee. So, what do you really in all fairness have to lose?

That depends on your idea of healthy. In my clinical experience of 27 years, what the majority of people consider healthy can potentially be damaging their digestive and immune system. What I show you will completely blow you away!

I’ve based my Psoriasis Diet on the very latest research as well as work by all the foremost experts in psoriasis, including Dr. John Pagano, Dr. Alan Gaby, Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Andrew Weil, Chris Kressler M.S., L.Ac., and many more.

If you’re not already getting the results you want then it’s safe to say that your diet is not up to scratch. And in the words of Einstein… “Insanity is repeating the same behavior (diet) over and again and expecting a different result”

YES! Food allergies are caused by digestive leakiness due to one or several causes including pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and dysfunctional metabolism of the cells that line your digestive tract due to stress and other causes. When unable to properly energize, these cell membranes become weakened allowing undigested food particles to permeate directly into your bloodstream.

By improving your diet and lifestyle, and restoring energy production to your digestive tract, these cells will regain their rigid structure and food allergies will resolve. Many of our clients report not only amazing improvements in digestion but also food allergies that have resolved, some partially but most of them completely over time.

Absolutely! I’ve helped a thousand or more psoriasis sufferers gain complete freedom from drugs regardless of how long they were taking them. Once the correct balance is restored to your digestive system, you start to eat the right kinds of foods and avoid those foods or drinks that cause inflammation you will notice a big difference.

But once you incorporate the right kind of lifestyle and get rid of those chemical creams and ointments entirely and start to use natural skin treatment protocols you will notice massive changes. I’ll show you how to wean off drugs, and how you can systematically lessen your dependency till you no longer need them – ever again.

The short answer is yes. With psoriatic arthritis there is both a digestive and immune component that need to be addressed and the pain and immobility is driven primarily by your inability to down-regulate inflammation. This means you take drugs to ‘switch-off’ the pain, and these drugs slowly wreck your digestive system, keeping your increasingly reliant on them.

The good news is that once you correct the inappropriate inflammatory response by correcting the underlying digestive and immune dysfunction, the skin as well as the joints can both heal and help restore proper function. The result is far less pain and inflammation, and no more reliance on powerful steroid and other anti-inflammatory drugs that wreck your body in the long run.

Current science and research continue to show that many diseases stem directly from poor digestive and immune dysfunction, as well as hidden or stored toxins. You see, when you have psoriasis you may have a weakened immune response and have various other dysfunctions such as hormonal or digestive that can make you more prone to other auto-immune illnesses, an increased chance of infections and also a higher risk of food allergies or food sensitivities.

Therefore, psoriasis can negatively affect any and every part or system of your body, promoting many other health issues such as acute and even chronic illness. In my experience, by improving your digestive and immune system I have seen significant carry over into significant improvement in health and often times a complete resolution of many other underlying health issues.

There are many diseases and dysfunctions that have been linked to psoriasis and here’s a short list of some of the commonly discussed ones: Crohn’s disease, diabetes, depression, Metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis, uveitis and liver disease and even heart disease and cancer.

Crohn’s Disease: There is a connection between psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. In a recent study of women with psoriasis, 10 percent developed a form of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis.

Diabetes: People with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, according to a 2012 study. People with severe psoriasis, in particular, are 30 percent more likely to have type 2 diabetes.

Depression: Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can cause considerable emotional distress for people, including low self-esteem, and an increased chance of mood disorders, such as depression.

Metabolic Syndrome: There is a significant association between psoriatic disease and metabolic syndrome – a cluster of conditions that include heart disease, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. A national sample of more than 6,500 people found that 40 percent of those with psoriasis had metabolic syndrome, compared with just 23 percent of the general population. More women with psoriasis had metabolic syndrome than men.

Obesity: Researchers have known for some time that people with psoriatic disease are more likely to be obese than the normal population. Recent studies continue to examine the relationship between the two. One study showed that children with psoriasis were at much greater risk of being obese, while another showed being overweight at 18 increased the risk of developing psoriatic arthritis.

Osteoporosis: A study of people with psoriatic disease showed that 60 percent of patients had osteopenia, an early form of the bone disease, osteoporosis, and 18 percent had progressed to osteoporosis.

Uveitis: Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis raise your risk of developing uveitis, an inflammatory disease of the eye. About 7 percent of people with psoriatic arthritis will develop uveitis, according to recent studies.

Liver Disease: People with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis may be at greater risk for developing a liver condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to recently published studies.

Cancer: A number of studies have found that people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis have an increased risk of certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease: Research continues to link psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, especially in people with severe psoriasis. People with severe psoriasis are 58 percent more likely to have a major cardiac event and 43 percent more likely to have a stroke, according to one study.

Yes, you may need more help. You may need support. You may need clarification. You may have questions. I’ve been doing this long enough now to know what most of those questions will be, and I’ve answered ALL of the basic questions and many of the advanced questions in the Psoriasis Program itself.

For those questions that aren’t answered here or in the program itself, rest assured that you will have on-going email support. You will be fully supported 100% of the way — and that’s my promise to you!

Get instant access to the entire Psoriasis Program online. You will receive 13 separate e-books, over 600 pages packed with the BEST natural psoriasis treatment options available today.

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