{THE AND} Coworkers Edition – 199 Icebreaker Conversation Cards for Workplace – Team Building Game for Work – Fun Office Activity to Break The Ice and Get to Know Your Teammates by The Skin Deep

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people playing the and card gamepeople playing the and card game


a group of women friends outside on the steps playing the and card gamea group of women friends outside on the steps playing the and card game

Unique conversation card games

Designed for nearly any relationship, each edition contains 199 amazing questions designed to create incredible conversations.

the skin deep creating space to explorethe skin deep creating space to explore

We began with the goal of exploring the power of human connection.

Our first project, {THE AND}, has accumulated over 120 million views & won an Emmy award. A decade later, we’ve filmed over 1,200 honest conversations worldwide, documenting human connection through conversation & leading to the development of our globally loved card game.

We invite you to explore your own relationships through our unique card games and library of conversations.

What makes our products unique?

Relationship specific card games, each with 199 questions and prompts based on real conversations filmed around the world!

What problem are we solving?

We’re helping to create space for people to create authentic connections and have real conversations in an increasingly disconnected world.

Why do we love what we do?

We love creating products and content that help people form stronger relationships and build authentic connections.

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TEAMBUILDING CARD GAME: An office activity or exercise to build a solid company culture while unifying and inspiring trust within the team; It contains 199 questions to spark interesting conversations while still keeping it professional during team meetings, team happy hours, or team activities
TEAM ENGAGEMENT: Leaders will find this as both an ice breaker game and productive tool for building the bonds between employees; Helps build better communication and remove personal barriers on the way to stronger relationships; Play in virtual meeting calls or in person
PROMOTE DISCUSSION: Our conversation cards offer a variety of questions and prompts designed to promote open and honest communication while encouraging players to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a safe and supportive environment
ABOUT TSD: The Skin Deep started as an interactive documentary project which filmed emotional conversations between two people as they asked intimate questions; TSD’s exciting and immersive projects continue to explore the human experience and help people connect on a deeper level

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