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Where do you see yourself one year from now? Where do you want to be in life in the next 5, 10 or 15 years?Define your future goals on your ideal vision of the things you most desire.Imagine the possibilities. Think about your working life! Think about your lifestyle goals! Why spend your life in a dead-end job or in work you do not like? Why rely on one source of income for your financial security that is never enough?And, there is no certainty your job will be there tomorrow, next week, or next year. Financial freedom gives you the freedom of choice to live the lifestyle you desire. Its about building wealth and investing money wisely to give you financial security for the future.Freedom of choice allows you to be able to pursue the social, recreational and travel activities of your choice and, to be able to give your children the very best in education.It is the path to pursuing dreams and enhancing your quality of life mentally, physically, socially, financially, intellectually, creatively and spiritually. Money contributes very little when compared with personal assets such as good health, peace of mind, a clear conscience, self respect, personal growth and spiritual happiness.Money however, satisfies the needs of income, purchasing power, opportunity to accumulate assets and provide comfort in retirement.There are those in the unfortunate position of being unemployed or work in a dead-end job that is largely determined by circumstances. Unskilled jobs are generally generally routine and usually monotonous involving little imagination and creativity. People employed in these jobs are paid low wages and promotions may be difficult to come by. There is no sense of fulfillment – its just a job which provides a means of meeting obligations. And, when an individual suddenly, loses his or her job, it can bring real financial hardship and a loss of self esteem.A traditional “bricks and mortar” business requires loans to raise, to ongoing daily, weekly and monthly expenses such as rent, equipment, inventory and a score of other things.What’s more, it may take years to build and working long hours. You may need to pay to have employees and to consider the competition. And, there is also, the time spent away from family and leisure activities.A money-making mindset can to take you from where you are now to where you want to be!Invest into the ideas and ways that “make money.”Develop an online business without leaving your present job that can provide the opportunity of earning extra income. The Average Millionaire Has 7 Streams Of Income – How Many Do You Have?Few people really understand what a website can do for them and it’s enormous potential for generating income. When you create an e-business you are building an asset that makes you money. It can set you on the path toward financial freedom.Passive and residual income streams through an online home business, are two great ways of making money through an online business. Passive and residual income streams work all year round and enable you to turn negative cash-flow, which makes it impossible to get ahead, into positive cash-flow.Turn passion that is in line with your values (a hobby, skill or knowledge) into a business. It gives you the opportunity to do something you love and can help set you on the path to lasting success. Passion that is enduring provides the energy, commitment and the enthusiasm to pursue those things that really give meaning to life.It can also be financially rewarding.An online business is not restrained by geographical demographics.It allows an individual or existing business to create multiple income streams and to operate within several several niche markets in the biggest marketplace in the world.It opens up a whole new world of op

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