New Distributor Replacement For Chrysler Dodge Plymouth 1972-1989 318cid 5.2 360cid 5.9 3438896 3656151 3656278

Price: $55.95
(as of Sep 12, 2023 05:29:10 UTC – Details)

This list is a sample of all the compatible cars for this part. Make sure this product fits your car by using the part finder above.

Volare V8 5.9L 77-80
Volare V8 5.2L 77-80
Valiant V8 5.9L 72-74
Valiant V8 5.6L 72-73
Valiant V8 5.2L 73-75
Trailduster V8 5.9L 74-81
Trailduster V8 5.2L 74-81
Scamp V8 5.2L 72-75
Satellite V8 5.9L 72-74
Satellite V8 5.6L 72-73
Satellite V8 5.2L 72-74
Roadrunner V8 5.9L 74-75
Roadrunner V8 5.6L 72-73
Roadrunner V8 5.2L 72-75
PB350 V8 5.9L 81-83
PB350 V8 5.2L 81-83
PB300 Van V8 5.9L 74-74
PB300 Van V8 5.2L 74-74
PB300 V8 5.9L 75-80
PB300 V8 5.2L 75-80
PB250 V8 5.9L 81-81
PB250 V8 5.2L 81-83
PB200 Van V8 5.9L 74-74
PB200 Van V8 5.2L 74-74
PB200 V8 5.9L 75-80
PB200 V8 5.2L 75-80
PB150 V8 5.2L 81-83
PB100 Van V8 5.9L 74-74
PB100 Van V8 5.2L 74-74
PB100 V8 5.9L 76-78
PB100 V8 5.2L 75-80
Gran Fury V8 5.9L 72-80
Gran Fury V8 5.2L 72-80
Fury III V8 5.9L 72-74
Fury III V8 5.2L 72-74
Fury II V8 5.9L 72-74
Fury II V8 5.2L 72-74
Fury I V8 5.9L 72-74
Fury I V8 5.2L 72-74
Fury V8 5.9L 72-78
Fury V8 5.2L 72-78
Duster V8 5.9L 74-75
Duster V8 5.6L 72-73
Duster V8 5.2L 72-75
Cuda V8 5.9L 72-74
Cuda V8 5.6L 72-73
Cuda V8 5.2L 73-74
Caravelle V8 5.9L 78-79
Caravelle V8 5.2L 78-80
Barracuda V8 5.9L 72-74
Barracuda V8 5.6L 72-73
Barracuda V8 5.2L 72-74

W350 V8 5.9L 81-89
W350 V8 5.2L 82-83
W300 Pickup V8 5.9L 72-74
W300 Pickup V8 5.2L 72-74
W300 V8 5.9L 75-80
W300 V8 5.2L 75-80
W250 V8 5.9L 81-89
W250 V8 5.2L 81-89
W200 Pickup V8 5.9L 72-74
W200 Pickup V8 5.2L 72-74
W200 V8 5.9L 75-80
W200 V8 5.2L 75-80
W150 V8 5.9L 77-89
Condition: New; Country of Origin: CN
New Complete Assembly Ready To Install Direct Fit – Meets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Standards – All Electronic Module Components Are Computer Tested Before And After Assembly
One Year Hassle Free Guarantee
See Product Description for Additional Specifications

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