Network Marketing: How to NOT Get Scammed: Get the Truth and the Facts BEFORE Joining a Network Marketing Company – Insights from the Once-Upon-A-Time Dumbest Man in Network Marketing

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Is network marketing just a scam? Do Real Entrepreneurs Avoid Multi-Level Marketing? Fans of network marketing will probably write negative reviews because they don’t want the truth to be known. Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Each year hundreds of thousands enter the industry and each year by the hundreds of thousands they leave. Why? Network marketing (aka: multilevel marketing) is a very challenging business. Filled with hype designed to play on the hopes and dreams of honest people, the industry draws people who want to escape the rat race and make money online or in their own home-based business. In this easy-to-read book I share from my experience of having been in the business for many years. I wrote the book to help the reader learn and understand what to expect in the industry. Network marketing is not all it is hyped up to be. Trust me on this. Enter at your own risk but before you do, read this book. It is a must read.

Here are just a few of the things I cover that you need to know:

Chapter One – Network Marketing: The Simple Truth

In this chapter I explain exactly what network marketing is and how it really works. You simply MUST understand this before diving in.

Chapter Two – Failure is Always Your Fault

In this chapter I explain how EVERY network marketing guru and leader will tell you if you fail it is totally and completely your fault. Gurus, sponsors, and leaders never take an ounce of responsibility for your lack of success no matter how to-the-letter you follow their teachings.

Chapter Three – Four Truths about Network Marketing

This chapter just reveals the truths the company looking to recruit you will NEVER tell you. Very insightful!

-The Truth about Costs
-The Truth about Testimonials
-The Truth about Recruiting
-The Truth about Time Commitments

Chapter Four – Glorious Upline Support!

Similar to the four truths discussed in chapter three, there is another glaring truth related to upline support. But this truth needs its own chapter because the promise of upline support is so alluring to people considering network marketing. So much needs to be said about upline support that I decided to make it chapter in its own right.

Chapter Five – Two Kinds of “Potential” Network Marketing People

If you are considering network marketing then you must face the reality that MOST people are not very gullible. Most are skeptical at one level or another. This makes the process of recruiting or selling very challenging. You can spend hours striving to convince someone to join your opportunity only to be met with continual rejection, excuses, and even more skepticism. Many skeptics will say to you, “Show me your checks and I will consider it.” Well, you haven’t made any money as yet and even if you have it probably isn’t much.
Many sponsors and network marketing gurus will tell you to NOT spend hours with potential prospects. They encourage you to share the opportunity once or twice and if the person is not interested say, “Next!” These are the people who promote the idea that it is a numbers game. These people have a personality made of steel. They are certainly not in the “norm” of humanity. They can receive countless rejections and not allow it to impact them in any way. To them, the person did not reject them as a person, they simply rejected the opportunity. But most of us are not that way. This chapter covers how people are and why you will likely face tons of rejection.

Chapter Six – Inspiring Conclusion (I hope)

Before you spend your hard-earned money joining a network marketing company and before you put in all the VERY hard work, just invest in this book. You’ll be glad you did. It may help you see that you are perfect for the industry. Then again, it may save you tons of cash, frustration, and rejection.

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