metaFox Stronger You | 52 strengths cards for coaching, therapy, workshops & team building | Sturdy coaching cards with strengths, icons & images, stable & compact format for multiple reuse

Price: $39.95
(as of Oct 12, 2023 13:15:54 UTC – Details)

🖼️ STRENGTH TERMS + RELATED ICON + AN INSPIRING IMAGE. Each card features the strength term in capital letters and a representative icon to visualize it. On the back of the cards are inspiring images you can use to work with association and intuition. The plus sign on some cards indicate they’re optional – you can take them out of the deck if you want a smaller selection.
🗂️ STRENGTH CARDS IN 3 IMPORTANT CATEGORIES. The strengths selection of ‘Stronger You’ is categorized in 3 important areas of a person’s life – Character, Relationship, and Competency. Thus, these strength cards are great for (re)discovering and building on your strengths or showing appreciation for your teammates’ strengths.
📝 FULL-COLORED PRODUCT LITERATURE WITH SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO USE. Included in the box is a 6-page trifold with all the features of the ‘Stronger You’ coaching cards and 3 suggested methods on using the cards for personal development and team building activities.
📦 COMES IN A STURDY & COMPACT BOX. The packaging of ‘Stronger You’ is not only beautiful but also functional. It’s compact so you can take it anywhere, even in your travels. It’s made from high-quality cardboard so you can rest assured the cards are well-protected.

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