Life Coaching: Setting Up a Business as a Consultant for Residual Income

(as of Dec 05, 2023 15:40:03 UTC – Details)

Is life coaching a legitimate business? And how do you establish such a business? 

These and many other questions will be discussed in this guide. Life coaching has been done by many people, and it can be beneficial to both the coach and the recipient of the professional counsel, provided that it’s accurate, personally tailored, and honest advice that can be applied to the client’s circumstances and daily life. 

In this book, we’ll touch on the following things:

Different ideas for a real consulting or coaching business.What things to consider to find new clients and prospects.The future of life coaching, and where it is shifting towards.Simple steps to set up a life coaching business.The differences between life coaching and therapy, and why life coaching may be a better option for some.Where you can find training programs, if you think you need those.And much more!

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