IKAPE Coffee Products, 53MM Espresso Tamper, Premium Barista Coffee Calibrated Tamper with Spring Loaded, 100% Stainless Steel Tamper Compatible with 54MM Breville Bottomless Portafilter (Silver)

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When coffee becomes a lifestyle habit, then we call it culture. At IKAPE, we are a young team, all passionate about coffee culture. We have turned this love of coffee into a hobby and enjoy the fun of it.

We are thinking about how to extract a perfect cup of espresso just like you, so we I started with espresso accessories and created this brand, and we want to share the deliciousness of espresso with you.

Why do we love what we do?

IKAPE members are a group of like-minded people, we love coffee and are willing to share the deliciousness of coffee with more coffee lovers!

What makes our products unique?

IKAPE has a first-class design and production team that focuses on products. We put product quality first, quality products are the cornerstone of our business and brand

What we can bring to our customers?

Our customers are our friends, and we treat every one of them sincerely. Each product can bring you a different experience and enhance the ritual of making coffee every time.




💖 Premium tamper tool for professional baristas ☕: Be made of 100% food-safe grade stainless steel. Compared to other cheaper tampers, this super premium tamper allows you to get a better espresso in your espresso making. This quality tamper is durable, and its rust-proof design ensures your diet is healthy. For a 53 or 54-mm bottomless portafilter, you need to choose a 53 mm calibrated tamper.
💖 Ultimate Labor Saving, Minimalist Look ☕: This calibrated tamper features a new upgraded press technology that delivers over 22 pounds of pressure with little effort, which will be a boon to female baristas. The lipstick-like appearance and frosted pattern are highly ornamental. Extensive testing has shown that the concentric ring grind espresso surface obtained at 22 pounds of strength produces a better quality espresso, which will give you a great tasting coffee experience.
💖 Consistent concentric ring coffee surface ☕: When using this espresso calibrated tamper, you will get a flat concentric ring pattern in the mobile filter. This concentric ring pressure can improve the channel effect and is the essential variable in making great espresso and achieving uniform extraction. Trust us, once you taste great espresso from your coffee maker, you will forget about your local coffee shop and love making coffee. It is by far the highest quality tampering available.
💖 Advice from a professional barista ☕: Before using, pls make sure your bottomless portafilter is filled with enough ground coffee, then use the coffee tamper to level and distributor the ground coffee contact surface, and finally brew with high-quality filtered water to get a fragrant espresso. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you contact us, and we will refund 100% of the money, or you can donate to a group in need and pass on your good deed.

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