How to Earn an Extra $1000/Month of Residual Income Online with Digital Assets from Home Then Multiply It 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X…: Learn How to Make Money on Your Own and Not Depend on a Job

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Hi. This is Hien of with an ecommerce company called Friends of Irony. In this book, I will reveal to you the techniques in how to generate an extra $1,000 per month income, and eventually free yourself from your 9-5 job. That way, you get to spend more time on what really matters the most: which is getting to spend more quality time with your family. As you get to earn more and have more spare time, you get to properly guide your children as they grow up and always be there for them when they need you. You’ll learn about my life story. Follow my journey on how I am able to generate 6 figures in revenue, while also having enough time to spend with my family. 

I will be your guide to the path of online sales and internet marketing. Learn the ropes on ecommerce with a blueprint that I have set up that depends on your current situation. I will be giving ideas on how to find products to create and sell online. You would also learn how to outsource, which is an important factor in order to succeed in ecommerce. And finally, learn how to create product listings online that would generate a lot of sales. 

This book would definitely be of great assistance to parents, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wishes to venture into the world of internet marketing. So, quit being miserable, and make a decision now that would definitely change your life for the better. You will unlock your path to happiness and success by listening to this book.

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