Financial Freedom Secrets – Residuals, small business and investing tactics for never having to work again.

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Learn the Secrets of building multiple sources of Residual income, never “have to” work again!

When I got my first job, it took me about 6 months before I realized it was not enough. I was selling a product that cost almost nothing to make, for almost $600 but only getting peanuts in commission. I met people who had been car salesmen, and I found out they only got a few hundred dollars in commission for selling a new luxury car. It became clear that this was not the path to prosperity.

After more than a decade of projects, I have learned a lot about building residual income, investing, starting businesses on a shoestring and creating long term prosperity.

Some things work, some don’t; but most only make you any real money if you spend a while tweaking it and figure out all the unique ways each tactic works best. I want to make it clear, I am not against working. If you love your job, then by all means; KEEP IT! But, extra income (whether you do a little side work that you enjoy or get residuals) never hurts. I know a man that makes a good living and wouldn’t quit his job if he won the lottery, but he is in the minority; and probably didn’t look for a book on the subject.

Books like “4 Hour Work Week”, “Multiple streams of income” & “Rich Dad, Poor dad” start the ground work, thinking about getting out of the rat race and making REAL money while doing what you love. I could list books I recommend for pages, it’s important to constantly read and seek out new information. I focus on residual income and start ups that can be started on a shoestring that require as little of your time as possible, but there are many ways you can benefit from this book.

Some of the things included:

Work from home opportunities (“home” can be a beach in Thailand!)
How to build BIG residuals, make money before you’ve had your morning coffee.
Even if you LOVE your job, why not earn extra income without lifting a finger.
Retire better on residuals than with a million in mutual funds.
Tips for investors, traders, small business startups, and everyone in between.

Where do you think you will be in 5 years? Working at the same job, worrying your boss might fire you for no reason at all, scarfing down coffee and a donut to make sure you aren’t late. You decide what you do with your life, nothing is written in stone and nobody but yourself can force you to live like this. If you want to be on the beach with income that covers what you want to do in life, whether you work or not is also a choice (just like that dreary example before). You decide, I already have.

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