Do It Anyway, Girl: A Playful, Simple, Unique Guide to Achieving Success in Network Marketing

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How did a shy girl from humble beginnings go from being frozen in fear for six years in her network marketing business to reaching top one percent status in her MLM organization? 

Michelle Cunningham made one strategic shift in her nearly non-existent direct sales business that completely changed the trajectory of her life. 

In this book, you’ll learn the exact words Michelle used to sell to a perfect stranger, recruit her first new team member, and then turn her team members into successful leaders.

You’ll also learn her accidental social media blunder (that you can copy), which helped her not only build a lucrative network marketing business but also a seven-figure online brand. 

Do It Anyway, Girl shows you how to get unstuck, shut off limiting beliefs, and get into the right action that brings BIG results. 

Michelle Cunningham built a massive network marketing business, and now she’s on a mission to empower women to rock their network marketing business so they can be completely present for the ones they love while giving back generously. Michelle’s pride and joy are her husband, Brian, and two kids, Brady and Alyssa. 

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