Conversation Cards for Coworkers – 400 Questions from Light to Deep and 400 Fun This or That Prompts – Break The Ice Team Building Games for Work – Icebreaker Question Card Game for Adults at Work

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Deepen connections, build listening and sharing skills, and have a pool of shared information you can use to understand each other and build your relationships upon.

Our products are great for meals, road trips, bedtime conversations, date night, or any time you want to spend quality time together. Just ask, share, and listen to grow closer.

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How did we get our start?

Sometimes communication is hard. Even with friends and loved ones, you can find yourself always talking about the same old stuff – or not really talking at all.

Our founders, Sam and Decker, had both struggled with communication issues in their own lives and wanted to make an easy way to help people in relationships communicate better. That’s how Prompta was born!

We continuously aim to produce thousands of thoughtful questions and conversation topics that let you connect more deeply with the important people in your life.

What makes our products unique?

All of our products contain double-sided cards, so you get more value for your buck and enjoy a huge selection of questions.

Card dimensions and font sizes vary to cater to the specific needs of consumers while also taking into account portability and environmental preservation.

Why do we love what we do?

We get to provide people an opportunity to connect more for less. With hundreds of thoughtful questions and conversation topics ranging from light to serious ones, you get to connect with the important people in your life in a fun and meaningful way.

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2 Games in 1 – Includes 400 Open-ended Questions and 400 This or That Game Prompts – Breaking the ice, especially at work, can be difficult. Ease into deeper conversations by playing This or That first! As a group, guess if a team member will pick This or That (the words on the sides of each card) as their preference. Learn about each other and prepare to be surprised! With two get to know you games, you can play a lighter, sillier game to get warmed up or jump into fun open-ended questions.
Match Your Team’s Dynamic by Choosing Questions from 5 Different Categories – All work teams have different dynamics and comfort levels. With this in mind, this deck includes five card categories: light, medium, deep, light work-related, and deep work-related. New teams will enjoy the lighthearted This or That Game and the lighter cards before jumping into the medium and deep cards. The work-related question categories aim to foster understanding of each other’s goals and working styles.
Compact and Double-sided – These icebreaker question cards are 2.5″ x 1.75″, double-sided to use less paper, and fit in a portable 3″ x 2″ x 2″ box. Keep these connection cards at your desk or in the breakroom to start engaging conversations. Use these icebreaker cards as a teambuilding activity to create connection and have fun at the office or virtually. These conversation starter cards are great for bonding during virtual meetings, retreats, new hire onboarding, or training sessions.
Work Appropriate Teambuilding Activities – The 400 questions and This or That prompts were carefully selected to encourage connection, laughter, and teamwork. These coworker games ask for open and honest sharing, but allow for skipping any question for any reason. The deck doesn’t include super risky topics and creates a safe space for asking, sharing, and growing closer. Teams are built upon safety and trust, and these talking cards create a group setting that fosters both.

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