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Are you frustrated that your resume got REJECTED again, again, again, AND again?

You found the perfect job online.  How will you get ahead of the competition?

You applied for jobs, and your resume and cover letter were ignored.  It is more than frustrating! You just need a job.

There is a solution to get your resume and cover letter noticed.

 Keep in mind a few question, as you learn about an ATS resume template:

All those questions and more will be answered.

I am Hanna. I am just like you.

My resume was rejected over and over, feeling frustrated, sad, and wanted to give up.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree from a very expensive university (actually two degrees), and could not figure out why employers were NOT beating down on my door offering me a job.

I learned it’s not about my education or experience, it was HOW I have presented my information on a resume.  I learned through a recruiter friend, and as a Hiring Manager myself, how resumes are selected.  Once I learned the formula, I had 3 or 4 calls from recruiters a day! I said a day! 

An ATS-friendly resume includes:

⇒   Keywords for resumes and cover Letters

⇒   Key phrases that are similar to a job description

⇒   Chronological resume Format

⇒   No pictures (I am sure you are good-looking, but save that cute picture for another time)

⇒   Best resume fonts: Times Roman, Arial, Sans or Tahoma

⇒   Little to no graphics

ATS represents an Applicant Tracking System or Application Tracking System.  The terms are used the same.

An ATS system is an employer’s best friend. This system is programmed with keywords and phrases that match job titles, skills, education and job descriptions.  When the ATS flags a resume with keywords it is then sent to an employer, and those applicants are contacted for a job interview. 

Why Do Employers use an ATS?

An ATS is a fast way to search, find and contact job seekers for a job interview.  There are thousands of applications submitted online for one job.  An ATS system helps employers filter resumes and cover letters that match the posted job description.  An ATS is like an assistant and will send “qualified” resumes to employers.

Now, employers use more advanced technology to select job seekers.  Learn more about A.I in the next section.

Your resume MUST have matching keywords and phrases in the correct format, to get a job interview. No exceptions.

Artificial Intelligence use is on the rise, as recruiters and employers narrow down what they are looking for in a job applicant. AI takes the stress and strain from employers and streamlines the hiring process.   

With thousands of resumes competing for one job, employers are looking for more innovative resources to fulfill job vacancies.

The reality is an algorithm will pass your resume on to an employer.

This is another reason why you need an ATS resume in the correct format (with keywords and phrases), to get noticed and contacted by employers.  

Do you have that resume?

Do you have an eye catching cover letter?

Please read of an article from, and the impact of AI in the hiring process.

“AI is used to screen application materials such as a resume or a brief on an applicant’s key competencies. 

AI-based resume screening tools can highlight to recruiters which candidates they should reach out to first.  AI is also used to decide who is contacted for a job interview.

They can match a candidate’s skills and competencies to open requisitions and job requirements. They have brought significant efficiencies to HR departments by drastically cutting the amount of time spent processing pools of applications.

Job applicants who understand this system can game the algorithms to get an easier path to the interview stage of their application.

As we all know, recruiting professionals often cannot afford to give sufficient time and attention to each resume they receive. 

At the time of submitting your application, your resume is entered into an ATS that matches your experience with the required qualifications in the job description. Leveraging AI, an ATS can match candidates based on their skills.

This is a step forward in expediting the hiring process and making it more efficient as many resumes are not reflective of the skills the HR is looking for.”

Often time when looking for a job, no one tells you what you need on a resume.  The statistics show that most people have great skills, abilities, education and experience to match what an employer is looking for in a candidate. 

However, several job applicants do not  communicate their qualifications on a resume that will attract an ATS System.  An ATS resume template will communicate for you. Keywords for resumes are key.

I get it. It is hard to have great qualifications and NO interviews.  No more. I understand that it is frustrating to work so hard at building your skills, work experience, earning your degree and then your resume and cover letter are rejected again, again, again AND AGAIN!  No more!

You don’t have to fail.  School may not have taught you how to build a resume properly. 

 There is a solution to your painful and frustrating experience.  Don’t fail at looking for a job online.  

What Is The Best ATS Template Bundle?

ATS Resumes are simple in format. The resumes are written for you in the appropriate language, font and design format. 

You don’t have to ask: What Are Resume Objectives?, What are resume skills?, How to make a resume in Word, What is a CV resume? Those questions are answered with this ATS resume template bundle. These resumes are a great example of a CV format. 

These templates are in a .doc file (MS Word, Google Sheets) editable.

Instructions: Replace the text with your information (name, contact info, job titles, etc.). You do this for all templates.

A cover letter should be clean, clear, and concise. Your picture SHOULD NOT be on your resume and cover letter. You want your cover letter to be ATS-friendly and easy to read.  

The sections in blue text indicate  areas where you would enter your information, then change the text to black.  The letter is written for you.

The template includes keywords for a cover letter that will help attract an ATS.  

The template is editable in .doc format (MS Word).

A modern resume is for cosmetic purposes.  You will want to use this resume when apply for a job in person. If you were instructed to send your resume directly to the Hiring Manager, a modern resume is the best resume format to use in this occurrence. 

Resume include keywords, appropriate fonts and in an organized format.  The resume is written for you.

Job Letter of Interest Email OR Job Inquiry Letter

This type of letter is perfect to express your interest in possible job opportunities with an employer. This is the perfect tool to get ahead of the competition.

You will want to address this letter to a specific hiring manager or to Human Resources.

Instructions: The blue text indicates areas where you would enter your information and then change the text to black.  The format is designed for you. Easy to use! The letter has popular buzzwords that hiring managers like to see.

An interview follow-up email (or follow-up letter) is often overlooked by job seekers. You will want to send this email within 48 hours of your interview.

This is a great time to gently remind an employer of:

⇒  Your interest in the position and company

⇒  Your Job Experience

⇒  How You Can Become an Asset To Their Organization

⇒  Your Contact information

Many employers appreciate, and often hire an applicant, because a follow-up email after an interview, as it shows initiative, and interest in a job. You will stand out among other job applicants. Again, there is one job and several applicants.

A job letter tracker is another great tool in the ATS Resume Template bundle. The purpose of the tracker to help keep you organized.  You want to keep track of who, and where you sent what letter. 

You can download and print tracker. Easy!

ATS Keywords For Resume – “The secret sauce!!!”

The keywords for resume scanners will help get your credentials noticed by ATS and AI job search tools.

This list of keywords were researched as the most common words employers program in an ATS. Resume 

Instructions: Use these keywords to start a sentence on your resume or cover letter template.

Cover letter keywords can also be used to bypass an ATS system looking for letters with matching words and phrases. Now, you have the secret.

What To Ask In An Interview Guide and Form

Employers will ask in the interview “Do you have any questions?” You want to be prepared. Are you prepared?

This form is a job seekers best friend!

The guide and form are crafted to ask employers important questions to help you stand out. Your interviewer will be impressed.  There is space to capture answers from your interview questions.  Interview questions for managers are included as well.  Any job level may use this form. You can print out the Word file or type directly into the form.

You will be confident in your job search by knowing the facts:

+ You have the solution to get noticed by employers

+ Your resume is in the correct format to attract ATS and AI systems

+ Resumes and emails (letters) are written for you with keywords and phrases 

+ Editable .doc file (Editable in MS Word, Google Docs)

+ Proven success with bundle!

+ You know what to ask in an interview

+ You will get ahead of other job seekers!

+ Bundle developed by a professional resume writer with over 2o years of experience

+ Saves you time and money

You have a complete job preparation package!

You CAN do this.  You are worth the investment.

“If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you”. – Anonymous

“The letters are very helpful. The keywords have helped me understand how to make my resume better!” –   Martha R, Ohio

“Thank you for making this simple. Well done.” – Arthur N

“Thank you!” – Bella T.

“I got 2 interviews in a week. Thank you.” –   Tabitha B., Ohio

“I can not afford expensive resume writers, and this pack helped me with online job apps!” –   Milton L., Washington

“Love the letters. The blue text prompt is genius!” – Amy S.

“The different ATS-Friendly formats were great and love the variety. Got contacted by a recruiter soon after applying to a job. Many thanks”. – Salina J.

“The keywords were great!” – Zoe H., Florida

“I am retired and was nervous to write a resume and didn’t know how to phrase my skills.  This helps when I apply online, especially when I have to copy and paste or upload my resume.” – Larry G., Missouri

“What to ask in an interview form and guide is my favorite. The employer was impressed that I asked lots of questions!” – Carlos J.

“This bundle gave my resume a refreshed look and believe keywords helped with getting 3 interviews in a week! Yes!” – Brandon S.

the professional do-it-yourself ATS Template bundle is only:

Do I need special software or an app to edit the templates?

You will need an application such as Google Docs, MS Word, or another program that can read and edit .doc documents.  The PDF files are not editable, as the intention is to usual as a visual and/or printout to use. After your purchase is verified, you will be lead to securely download the templates in a zip file.  You may begin making edits and using templates and documents immediately.

♦ 10 fancy coffee drinks

♦ A night out with friends

♦ A few movies with popcorn (must-have popcorn and a drink)

♦ Money toward a concert

♦ Money toward a fun park

♦ 1 fancy manicure and pedicure

♦ 45-minute massage, maybe

♦ Supplies for a house party

♦ 1 visit to a hair salon

♦ Gym membership fee for 2 months (Do you really go?)

♦ Money toward the latest techy thing that will be old in 1 month

♦ Money toward a broadway show

Will spending money on these things get your resume get passed an ATS and AI system? OR pay your bills? 

Getting a job will pay your bills.

Why not invest in yourself long term? 

Use templates over and over

Attract employers like you never did before!

Editable .doc (MS Word) documents

Your interviews are right around the corner!

“Job applicants who understand this system can game the AI algorithms to get an easier path to the interview stage of their application.”

“AI-based resume screening tools can highlight to recruiters which candidates they should reach out to first.  AI is also used to decide who gets hired.” –

   “ACTION is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

This offer will not last long, as the price may change. 

Your are one click away to having the perfect job preparation toolkit.  You will impress future employers with the best presentation of your talents and skills. 

What’s that I hear? Oh! It’s your new job calling. 

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Privacy Policy:  Your information will not be sold or distributed.  Your information is kept private.

Refund Policy:  Customers may request a refund within 30 days of purchase date. 

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Click here to get ats resume templates at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

ats resume templates is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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